Cola: Disable Ambient Mode Switch for #WearOS

A convenient switch that allows you to keep your screen from going dim while taking photos and videos.

Flaunt Your Colours

A convenient switch on your smartwatch to prevent your screen from going dim - a feature native to your watch known as 'ambient mode'. With the this app on your watch, you can show off your styles and create a lightshow on your wrist.

Be Vibrant

Control multiple watches from the same smartphone, or simply flip the switch on your watch.
Keeps Your Screen On
Keeps your screen activated on it's current brightness setting. Disable temporarily by covering the face with your palm.
Automatic Timeout
Set an automatic timeout of up to 60 minutes from your smartphone companion app.
Remote Start From Your Phone
Conveniently start and adjust your settings from your phone. The handheld app supports multiple watches paired with your phone.
Control Multiple Watches
Switch seamlessley between multiple devices from the handheld companion app.

Use In Moderation

Just like real cola, this app should be used in moderation. Overuse could potentially be damaging to your smart watch display.

Use In Moderation
Be warned that this app will use up a lot of battery power very quickly.