Strobe: The Cyclist's Wearable Blinker and Torch for Wear OS

A convenient and flexible strobe light and torch for your Android/Wear OS smart watch.

Keep Well Lit

Bicycle lights unfortunately get lost and stolen, and with the many hazards on city streets, staying visible is imperative to your safety. With Strobe on your smart watch, you will always have a spare light at hand; one that's versatile and won't easily get lost.
Torch and Strobe Modes
Designed to be easily operable from your wrist. Tap the display once for the strobe light, and hold down on the screen for a second to use as a torch.
Highly Visible at Night
Modern smart watch displays are more than adequate as backup bicycle lights. Ensure your screen is set to full brightness for optimal visibility.
Adjustable Frequency
Flexible to your needs and smartwatch specification. Use the handheld app to set your frequency to up to 20 Hertz.
Three Colour Modes
When active, swipe the display towards the left to change to an amber or red light. The default white light is the brightest.
Remote Start From Your Phone
Conveniently start and adjust your settings from your phone. The handheld app supports multiple watches paired with your phone.
Persistent Clock And Battery Indicator
Strobe keeps your watch functioning as a watch while keeping your safe on your bike.

Always Visible

A headlight that's highly visible from a comfortable position on your handlebars and a turning signal when you're crossing traffic.
What's New

For Safer Cycling

This app is primarily designed to improve the visibility and safety of cyclists and other road users.

Use With Caution!

Beware of Light Sensitivity
Be wary if you suffer from migraines or any kind of light sensitivity. Do not look directly at the strobe light for prolonged periods of time.

Use In Moderation
Strobe is only designed to be used for short periods of time, as a backup solution for missing or damaged bicycle lights. Using your watch as a strobe light will also drain your battery very quickly.