Velocity | Wearable Speedometer with Speed Guidance

Transform your cycling and driving experience with this versatile GPS speedometer with cruise control and journey recording for Android™ and Wear OS.


Take your cycling skills to new heights. The wearable app assists you in regulating your speed with vibrational signals and measures your performance over time.
Journey Recording
Keep records of your mileage, journey times, routes and performance. Import and export your recorded journeys and share with other devices.
Universal Gauge
The gauge is adaptable to a wide array of different vehicles and adjusts its scale according to your speed. You can customise it to show miles, kilometers or even nautical miles.
Speed Guidance
Revolutionises your cycling experience and by helping you to maintain a safe and steady pace and improve your performance over time.
Overspeed Warnings
Set your overspeed threshold and stay aware of your speed. Improve road safety and avoid speeding tickets.
Hybrid/Satellite And Terrain Maps
Includes the most advanced and versatile map on your phone. Explore the world from above with all the great features of Google Maps.
Handheld and Wearable Apps
Designed for your watch while you’re cycling and your phone in a car as a head-up display.

* App must be installed on your phone in order to use the wearable speedometer, as many watches do not support GPS.
Wearable and handheld displays for all types of road vehicle
See the full spec for RAMS Velocity - a highly versatile virtual dashboard designed to suit all kinds of road vehicle.

On Your Marks, Get Set..!

Using a GPS dashboard consumes battery power very quickly. Please ensure your device is plugged in before prolonged use.