Voltage And Charge Rate Monitoring – What’s New In Ion Energy Monitor 2.0

Although battery technology has improved tremendously over the years, shrinking in size and growing in capacity, daily lifespans of these batteries have seemingly been at a standstill. New devices heavily laden with new sensors and high-performance apps take full advantage of these advancements as soon as they’re released; whilst improvements to battery life often go unnoticed.

Battery life has always been a concern for smart watch users. Though power management has come a long way in the most recent versions of Wear OS, sudden outages occasionally cause much distress for watch wearers who wish no more than to tell the time in the way that they’re used to. This became a new problem for those who made the switch from traditional watches.


Pushing the boundaries

Smart watches do a lot more than tell the time. Ion was created for the power user who dares to push the boundaries and make the most of these exciting new milestones of technology. With informative notifications on your battery performance throughout the day, you’ll always know when your battery is draining faster than usual.

With the release of Ion Energy Monitor 2.0 we’re pleased to introduce some new features to help you to do more with your Wear OS watch.

  • Faster battery life forecasting
  • Additional graph details and customisation
  • Voltage display and monitoring
  • Live charge rate and charge time prediction
  • Various stability fixes for a wide variety of devices

Getting started: Please ensure that the app is installed on your watch, then start the app to begin monitoring your battery. When your watch is off the charger, you will receive a notification on your watch within the following hour when your battery statistics become available.

View more details here, and download on Google Play: