A Better Speedometer For Cyclists – What’s new in Velocity 1.3

Conceived, trialled and tested on the streets of Amsterdam, Velocity was forged to be an exciting new experience for the everyday cyclist. As an avid driver, my aim was to combine the thrill of motoring into everyday cycling; and the smartwatch was the perfect tool to make this possible. With the dawn of the of Velocity in the Summer of ’17, I was finally able to really put my bicycle to the test, quantify my performance, and turn every ride into an adventure.

Here’s some of the new features of the latest version 1.3:

  • 🇳🇱 Dutch language support.
  • Audible cruise control and overspeed guidance for mobile.
  • The addition of hybrid and terrain map styles (Powered by Google Maps),  for journey history.
  • Import and export your journeys, save them on your phone and upload to your cloud drive.
  • Better GPS signal strength indication (yellow flashing indicator when you lose signal).
  • Set cruise control and overspeed values from the main dashboard screen.

The joy of mobility is at the heart of Velocity. We’re continuously working to make Velocity better still, for better journeys and better riders.