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Styles and Utilities for Android™ Wear OS

Maintaining Steady Speeds With Mobile Cruise Control Guidance

It’s always good to know how fast you’re travelling. When travelling in busy towns alongside cars and larger vehicles, and over uneven or slippery terrain, limiting your speed and maintaining a steady pace may reduce your chances of accident or injury. Having an awareness of your speed gives you a greater understanding of the physical […]

Interview with Wareable: Why watch faces need to get more fashionable

When we talk about what smartwatches should do or be capable of, we often overlook the most important thing of all: they need to tell the time. The way it tells that time is often what distinguishes a dumb watch from a smart one. Whether you’re staring down at an Apple Watch or the Michael Kors Access Sofie, you have […]

Introducing Velocity: Wearable Speedometer and Mobile HUD 

Enhance your cycling and driving experience with this versatile GPS speedometer with cruise control and journey tracking for Android Wear and Mobile. Cruise control assists you in maintaining a steady and safe pace while traveling. Set your target speed and be guided with pulses of vibration to raise your awareness of speed while you’re focused […]

ION: Battery Life Prediction and Monitoring Utility

Keep tabs on your smart watch battery performance with drain rate monitoring, low-battery warnings in advance and life span predictions. See detailed live statistics on your handheld and wearable displays to track performance over time, and always know way in advance how long your watch battery will last for the day. Usage: Please ensure that […]

Introducing New  Styles for Android Wear OS Smart Watches

Strange Watch is a new brand of utility apps and customisable watch face styles for Android™ Wear smart watches, and a project to explore their potential for fashion and practicality. You can freely explore different colour combinations to match your outfit and lifestyle. Our designs are inspired by the simplicity of classic watches, and the […]